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Team Zania Design

Our team is part of the success of Zania Design and it brings together architects, designers, decorators, carpenters, craftsmen, installers and specialists in production, marketing and distribution.

They work in groups to achieve a perfect project, from beginning to end, I thought, reviewed and tested; which works every day to innovate, researching and designing to the final product will match our client; where care is personal, thus achieving the highest quality.

We help our customers
to be happier

We work to achieve perfect results and high quality

  • Joan Badia - Zania Design

    Joan Badia
    (Head of Design)

    "If you are looking for personalized service, cutting edge, the most reliable and ergonomic solutions that fit the best design for your needs, entrust your project to us."

  • Nuria Guerra - Zania Design

    Núria Guerra
    (Interior Designer)

    “Our overview of each project allows us to create fully complete, integrated and harmonious spaces.”

  • Laura Casadesus - Zania Design

    Laura Casadesús
    (Operations Coordinator)

    “We like to take care of each project in detail to meet the aspirations of our client.”

  • Eva Garcia - Zania Design

    Eva Garcia
    (Interior Designer)

    “The way in which we approach projects is making a study of the needs both aesthetically and practically.”

  • Mireia Colome - Zania Design

    Mireia Colomé
    (Dpt. Marketing and Design)

    “We face our work understand the responsibility that posed the challenge of creating living spaces.”

  • Merçè Majoral - Zania Design

    Merçè Majoral
    (Technical Architect)

    “We are committed to change and sustainability. Therefore, the environment and energy efficiency are present in our projects.”

  • Xavier Martinez - Zania Design

    Xavi Martínez
    (Quantity Surveyor)

    “Passion drives us in a constant process of innovation, developing new products.”

  • Pere Lleonart - Zania Design

    Pere Lleonart
    (Interior Designer)

    “We differentiate ourselves by without protenciar distributors and direct sales to our customers.”

  • Marc Borros - Zania Design

    Marc Borrós
    (Technical Architect and Interior Designer)

    “We design personalized and adapted spaces according to the needs of each client”

  • Sandra Victori
    (Interior Designer)

    “We are known for attending exclusive and personalized to our clients by listening to their needs through our showroom.”

  • Mireia Cura - Zania Design

    Mireia Cura
    (CFO and HR)

    "Our projects are unique and custom, aimed at both first and second reforms and reforms of high standing."

  • Xavier Perez - Zania Design

    Xavier Pérez
    (Managing Director)

    “Today, after years dedicated to creating spaces, thanks to the loyalty of our customers and to our policy of excellence, we have a qualified and constantly recycling Human team capable of carrying exquisite projects."