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History of Zania Design

To find the origins of Zania we go back to 1973 when Pedro Perez Fernandez, carpenter by trade, opened a small workshop in 3 people in the town of Navás, Barcelona.

Gradually the small woodworking shop was becoming a company with about 40 employees and equipped with the latest machinery and technology.

The turning point in the history of the company gave it Xavier Pérez Corominas, son of the founder and current director thereof, who has become Zania what it is today: a brand focused on meeting the needs of the kitchen space, where the pillars are designing and manufacturing without losing its artisan tradition.

At the headquarters of Navàs is where the whole process of design, manufacture and marketing of Zania kitchens is done, so that the union of designers with artisans lifelong creates a high quality product with a unique design and uniqueness, to suit the most demanding consumers.

In keeping with the philosophy of the company, it has chosen not to opt for a network of distributors for its products, it has a unique showroom located in Manresa, about 25 km from the factory, where some of the latest designs of Zania are presented. This is guaranteed to pamper the client, preferential treatment and monitoring all project phases, to final assembly.