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Group Companies: ZANIA Group

ZANIA DESIGNis the business unit specialized in interior projects for residential kitchens with over 40 years experience. In its origins, we were specialized in projects for kitchens and exclusive bathrooms, spaces in which many projects behind us makes us experts in interior architecture.

All together with the competitive advantage of having ZANIA FACTORY in the group, our production center specialized, among others, wood, Corian and aluminum, allows us to undertake projects of great complexity and scale in Spain, allowing us to differentiate from the rest.

ZANIA CONTRACT is the business unit inside Zania Group, specialized in performing contract projects for Retail, Offices, Hotels and Institutional. For this, we have a team of architects, engineers, surveyors and interior designers who work directly with customers, we offer great flexibility and demanding solutions to their projects, from consulting and project development, to execution and delivery. "

ZANIA BUILDING has agreements with national and international construction companies of high prestige and professionalism, which are specialized in areas of housing reform, rehabilitation of buildings, renovation of commercial premises and offices, new works and all types of civil works, developments.